Terms and conditions


Website: sustainable support of the commercial website “www.Blunio.ro”.

Product: product with the characteristic elements specified on the website.

Brand: product brand.

Consumer / User / Client: any natural person or group of natural persons constituted in associations, as defined by the Community acquis on consumer protection and who is a contracting party to the distance contract concluded on the website.

Seller: The seller of the product, contracting party within the distance contract concluded on the website.

Durable Support: any instrument that allows the contracting parties to store information that is addressed to them personally, in an accessible way for subsequent references for a suitable period of time, for the purpose of information and that allows unchanged reproduction of the stored information.

Terms and Conditions: all the terms and conditions stored on the website and which constitute the terms and conditions of the distance contract.

Communication / Information Communicated: any information communicated exclusively digitally and exclusively through a durable medium, between the Seller and the Buyer.

Specialized service unit: the unit that provides after-sales services, according to the information provided.

Distance Contract: any distance contract concluded between the contracting parties based on the terms and conditions of the website, which become opposable to the contracting parties from the moment when the confirmation of the order/purchase option is communicated by the Professional.

The moment of concluding the distance contract is the moment of confirmation, on a durable medium, by the professional of the acceptance of the order sent by the consumer.

Order / Purchase Option: communication by the User through the website of his order / purchase option of the product that he digitally added to his virtual shopping cart on the website.

In Stock / The Product Is In Stock: communicating the availability of the product so that it can be ordered.

Buyer: The User / Client / Consumer or any other person designated by the Consumer who pays the selling price of the ordered product.

Recipient of the Packaged Product: The Buyer who receives the packaged product at the delivery address communicated by the User through the website.

Website content: words, graphic symbols or combinations thereof that are produced and delivered on the website in digital format intrinsically (such as: the source program and related programs of the website, the website database, etc.) or explicitly, through methods such as: texts that are or are not documents, fields with presentations, specifications, interactive forms, etc.

Abusive Use: the use of the content of the website by the User other than through the methods communicated or contrary to the Terms and Conditions or through methods that contravene the law and may cause harm, including to third parties.

Violations: the use of the website content by third parties other than through the methods communicated or contrary to the Terms and Conditions or through methods that contravene the law and may cause damage to the Professional, the User or other third parties.

Purchase Invoice: the product purchase invoice, communicated to the Buyer.

Commercial guarantee: commitment assumed by the Seller towards the Consumer, in addition to his legal obligations regarding the legal guarantee of conformity, in relation to the products sold and/or the services provided, in accordance with the information communicated in the section of the website: “Conformity and product warranty”.

Certificate of Conformity and Warranty and Instructions for use: information communicated in the “Conformity and warranty of products” section of the website regarding the quality certification of the products ordered, the warranty conditions and their instructions for use.

Other Instructions (additional): information on the use of the ordered products, additionally communicated by the Seller, other than those communicated in the “Product conformity and warranty” section, to the extent that such instructions are considered necessary by the User and are provided by the suppliers the products.

“Product Delivery”: information communicated in the section with the same name of the website, regarding the conditions under which the Seller delivers the ordered products.

“Mandatory Features”: the mandatory features of the ordered product, existing on the delivery date and communicated in the “Product Delivery” section of the website.

“Delivery Date”: the date communicated by the Seller and on which the Consumer or the person designated by him is at the place of delivery and takes possession of the ordered product.

“Return of Products”: information communicated in the section with the same name of the website regarding the conditions under which the Consumer can withdraw from the contract at a distance.

Declaration of Withdrawal: section of the website with the same name, through which the User and the Professional/USP communicate about the possibility of returning the ordered product, fulfilling exactly the procedures communicated in the “Return of Products” section.

Transfer of risk: the risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to the consumer when he or a third party designated by him, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the products.


All prices and all costs within the website will be expressed in LEI and will include VAT (19%).

Attention!!! The user accepts the fact that there may be differences in size, shape, color, shine, reflection, etc. between the characteristics of the product and those highlighted by its picture.

The sale-purchase contract does not give the Consumer the right to resell the product to other final consumers. For the resale of the product, it is necessary to conclude between the Professional and the Consumer a contract of sale – purchase with a resale clause, for the purpose of which the Buyer will be able to contact the Seller on the dates communicated on the website page.

By generating the purchase/order options and accepting all the Terms and Conditions, the Buyer undertakes to pay the price of the ordered product and the Seller undertakes to deliver the product in compliant condition, new and packaged, to the address in Romania digitally communicated by the User within the website. The user undertakes to digitally complete the website forms in their entirety with real, current, correct and complete data. If the Seller finds that the Buyer has provided unreal, out-of-date, erroneous or incomplete data, which has caused damages, he can engage the civil or criminal responsibility of the Buyer, as the case may be. The execution of the contract at a distance is carried out only with the help of the communicated information. Any information communicated to the Buyer, by means other than through the website, do not imply any other guarantees than those offered by the Seller through the information communicated exclusively through the website. The Buyer acknowledges the Seller’s right to include advertising messages, promotions or advertising campaigns and the like in the communicated information. Any abusive use of the content of the website may attract the civil or criminal liability of the guilty person, as well as the blocking of the Buyer’s access to the communicated information, without prior notification. If the Seller cannot fulfill its obligations due to fortuitous circumstances beyond its control, it is exonerated from any liability for any claims of the Buyer for any possible damages caused in such circumstances. The Seller is exempted from liability also as a result of any damages caused to the Buyer by accessing other websites, directly or indirectly from the website. The Buyer accepts that the Seller cannot provide guarantees regarding the security of digitally communicated information. Likewise, the Buyer accepts that the Seller cannot guarantee the confidentiality of digitally communicated information that is intercepted by third parties. However, the Seller guarantees that the personal data communicated by the Buyer will not be able to be processed by the Seller without his explicit consent. The content of the website belongs exclusively to the Seller, including as the exclusive assignee of the copyright on some parts of it. Thus, the content of the website is protected by law and any use of it in a way other than that explicitly indicated within the website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, without the explicit consent of the Seller or the ceding authors, is punishable according to the law. The buyer exclusively assumes the consequences of accessing and using the content of the website in violation of the Terms and Conditions, the applicable Romanian laws or the laws of the place from which he can access and use the website directly or indirectly. The Buyer and the Seller undertake to inform each other immediately of any violations. Any disputes regarding the execution of the distance contract are interpreted based on the Romanian laws and are judged exclusively by the Romanian courts.

If a customer has two or more parcels refused, for any reason, we will deliver future orders only if they are paid in advance by online card payment.

For all orders placed on www.blunio.eu, we will inform you about their progress by e-mail (at the time of placing, confirming and sending the order) and/or SMS (at the time of placing and sending the order). The SMS sent at the time of placing the order represents the Beneficiary’s information regarding the receipt of the order by the Seller, and does not represent a confirmation of the order and the obligation of its delivery, the order confirmation being sent exclusively by e-mail. In the event that your order is canceled or reaches any other status, we reserve the right to send information to the Beneficiary by e-mail and/or SMS. The Seller is not responsible to the Beneficiary for receiving any information by e-mail and/or SMS by the Beneficiary.

The terms and conditions of sale include the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the terms regarding the ORDER, PAYMENT and DELIVERY, RETURN OF PRODUCTS / RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL, INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY, information about the main characteristics of the products (next to each product), all of which are made available in advance To the consumer for the conclusion of the valid and legally binding Distance Contract – product purchase contract. If the Buyer does not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Sale, he has the option not to conclude the Distance Contract.


Considering the Provisions of Regulation no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), applicable in all member states of the European Union starting from 25.05.2018, the Privacy Policy is completed with the provisions found in the Personal Data Protection section.

The confidentiality policy in force until 25.05.2018, in accordance with Law no. 677/2001 can be found below:

According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of private life in the electronic communications sector LACEWORLD INTERNATIONAL SRL has the obligation to manage in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide us about you, a member of your family or another person. The purposes of data collection are: provision of goods and services.

You are obliged to provide the data, these being necessary for the provision of goods and services; advertising, marketing and advertising, internet services. Your refusal determines the impossibility of using the service provided on the website www.blunio.eu.

The recorded information is intended for use by the operator and is communicated only to the following recipients: our service providers and the authorities on the territory of Romania, if by virtue of the law, this is the case.

According to Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the right of access, intervention on the data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to appeal to justice. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to request the deletion of the data. To exercise these rights, you can send a written, dated and signed request to UNIOTEX SRL Calan. Also, your right to appeal to justice is recognized.

If some of the data about you is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible.

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